software for the trade companies

TradIS – Trade Information System is an enterprise business software (ERP) primarily intended for:

The main advantages of this software are support for the product size and color and a large number of flexible reports. The reports can be configured to present just the relevant information.

TradIS covers all the processes of trade company:



Supports tracking of items by size and subcode (color). Items are tracked through an unlimited number of warehouses:  wholesale, retail, customs.


TradIS allows unlimited categorization of items, business partners and warehouses. Business reports can be made using every possible combination of those categories. There is the possibility of reporting in the transactional currency and also in selected reference currency (for the example: official reports are in EUR but internal reports use USD).


Allows central monitoring of multiple legal entities (when business is operating through multiple legal entities). All internal documents between legal entities are created automatically.


In TradIS, the entire accounting of the company can be executed using the Accounting module. Way of posting is easily adjusted. TradIS supports regulations of Serbia,  Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYR Macedonia.


It is possible to create an unlimited number of price lists with the simple process of copying and price adjustments. Customer orders for the coming season can be used for automated distribution of goods on arrival. Work orders, requisitions, components for simple manufacturing can be made.

TradIS Accounting

TradIS Accounting is an independent financial accounting program integrated into the TradIS ERP. This bookkeeping program is focused to the needs of trading companies.

By integrating with Tradis’s ERP and the SmartPOS retail program, all commercial changes are synced to  TradIS Accounting where further processing / posting is done.

Commodity bookkeeping

This feature set deals with merchandise documents that are most commonly made in ERP (TradIS) or Retail Program (SmartPOS).

The following commodity documents are supported: Inbound Invoice, Price Calculation, Price Leveling, Internal Dispatch Note, Advance Payment Invoice,  Dispatch Note, Invoice, Daily Turnover, Write-off, Excess / Shortage, Credit Note, Return to Supplier, Work Order, Requisition and Transferring List.

Financial bookkeeping

A set of functions for recording financial changes and posting.

Includes records of expenses, cash desks and current accounts, exchange rates, then also general ledger accounts and orders, automatic posting, periodical postings, automatic closing of items, budget creation.


The reports are divided into two groups according to content: Goods – which follow changes in commodity and Financial – reflecting financial changes.

Main commodity reports are Stock, Product card, Book of documents, Merchant book / KEP.

Financial Statements include Open Items Statement, Analytic Card, Synthetic Card,  Synthetic Accounts Balance, Review by Work Units, Review of Costs by Work Units, Retail Turnover Review, Due Review, Overview Costs-Budget, Posting Log, Comparison of GK and VAT books, Export of files for the tax authority, Balances.

Automatic posting

Posting business changes is simply set up by creating models for posting for each type of change / document. This allows automatic posting of business changes. Of course, besides automatic it is possible to manually post.


Import of electronic e-banking statements and their parsing ant mapping to a business partner, work unit, etc. is also supported.

License options

TradIS ERP license (per workplace)
1-5 6-10 11-19 20-29 30+
849,00 807,00 764,00 649,00 Pozovite nas
TradIS Import licensa (pcs)

Prices are in € excluding VAT.

TradIS maintenance and support (monthly per license)
1-5 6-10 11-50 50+
35,00 33,25 31,50 28,00

Prices are in € excluding VAT.

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