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About us

For decades, our software solutions enable our customers to be ahead of others in a demanding market game. Logosoft products are used on the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. Due to the specific features of our programs (support for sizes, colors, materials, serial numbers), a significant number of users come from the world of clothing, footwear, sports equipment, and technical goods trade.

We are proud of our continuous software development program, thanks to which our users have programs that do not become obsolete, but they get new functionalities and thus become better. For example, our SmartPOS retail solution has more than twenty enhancements annually.




We think that the user has the greatest benefit from software that is narrowly specialized for its needs, rather than universal solutions. So we specialize in solving the needs of commercial enterprises, with an additional focus on clothing, footwear and technical goods trade.


Listening to the customers

We believe that the best ideas for improving our programs, as well as for creating new ones, come from our clients, their demands, problems and ideas. That’s why we listen carefully to our clients and consider them our partners. By creating solutions for our partners, we have upgraded all of our existing products, and created some new ones, such as Smart Communicator and SMS Loyalty.

Logosoft was founded in 1993 in Belgrade. Before founding Logosoft, Petar Marković gained a significant experience working as a Software Development Engineer at the renowned Institute Mihajlo Pupin in Belgrade, as well as for partners of the Institute in Sweden and Italy.

Logosoft is a Microsoft Silver Partner (Application Development). We develop our products using the Microsoft .Net platform, using Microsoft and Oracle databases.

If you are interested in more about our company and what we do, if you think that we can do something for you, please contact us.

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