SMS Loyalty

A new generation of loyalty and VIP programs

For SMS Loyalty, advanced customer loyalty system, customer does not need to cary any plastic card for authentication – all he/she needs is the mobile phone.

If you want to have reward system for the loyal customers, SMS Loyalty will be of great help.

By using information from your SMS Loyalty system (what, when, where is bought…), you can assign appropriate benefits to each customer (discount, voucher …). The customer can get his benefit the next time he comes to your store, but you can also inform him in advance as part of a sales campaign. In both cases, the “unique code” (code generated by the SMS Loyalty system) that is related to the benefit is delivered to the customer by phone (via SMS or Android / IOS application). And that’s all about identification – fast, simple and maximally personalized.

The advantages of this system are:

SMSLoyalty helps you to use your loyal customers base in the most efficient way.

Subscription options

SMS Loyalty packages
Package Number of unique codes PRICE per month
BASIC 5.000 350,00*
STANDARD 10.000 550,00*
PREMIUM 50.000 2.075,00*
PACKAGE FOR YOU? In agreement with you

Prices are in € excluding VAT.

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