Smart POS

Smart POS software has been developed through a long-standing partnership with our clients in the clothing, footwear, sports and technical goods sector.

SmartPOS permanent license (per toll point)
1-5 6-10 11-20 21-50 50+
499,00 474,00 449,00 399,00 Call us

Prices are in € excluding VAT.

SmartPOS maintenance and support (per month per license)
1-5 6-10 11-50 50+
25,00 23,75 22,50 20,00

Prices are in € excluding VAT.

Smart Communicator

Keep track of real-time business in your retail stores. Current reports for owners and managers.

Smart Communicator
1-6 6+
36,00 (fixed amount) 5,40 (per object)

Prices are in € per month without VAT.

Smart SMS

The most effective SMS software on the market. How will you quickly inform a large number of customers about the upcoming action? About the sale or arrival of a new collection? Taking into account the costs … Send a personalized SMS to the customer.

Package* SMS messages in the package PRICE
SmartSMS Premium 10.000 25.000,00
SmartSMS Standard 5.000 17.500,00
SmartSMS Basic 1.000 12.500,00

*The package includes a SmartSMS software license.

Prices are in RSD without VAT.


1.000 (min. recharge) 2.500,00
more than 100.000 Call us

Prices are in RSD without VAT.

SMS Loyalty

If you want to have reward system for the loyal customers, SMS Loyalty will be of great help.

In any case, this system will refresh your business and increase your turnover.

SMS Loyalty packages
Package Number of unique codes PRICE per month
BASIC 5.000 350,00*
STANDARD 10.000 550,00*
PREMIUM 50.000 2.075,00*
PACKAGE FOR YOU? In agreement with you

Prices are in € excluding VAT.

The package includes support, system maintenance, and number of unique codes and SMS messages that can be used in a given month.

Logosoft WMS

Logosoft WMS is a modern warehouse management program. By using PDA devices with barcode scanners, stock is updated in the real time.

Logosoft WMS license
Basic WMS package (3 desktop and 5 mobile license) On request
Additional desktop license On request
Additional mobile (PDA) license On request


Upgrade maintenance program
One-time upgrade maintenance 80% of the maintenance value, max. 50% of the license price
Upgrade SmartPOS up to 250,00


Additional services
Type of service Price
Service technician / hour* 30,00
Programmer  / hour* 40,00
Consultant  / hour* 60,00
Travel costs + travel time (up to 50km) 50,00
Travel costs + travel time (more than 50km per km) 1,00
Increase for work 17:00-20:00h 35%
Increase for work 20:00-09:00h and weekend 60%
Increase for work on holidays 110%

* Hourly services are charged per hour starting.

All prices are in EUR (except for SMS prices for Smart SMS, which is in dinars), not including VAT. The calculation is done at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of invoicing.