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POS software for retail business SmartPOS was developed through the years of partnership with our clients, retailers of apparel, shoes, sports equipment and technical goods.

On the market, SmartPOS stands out for its support for size, color, material, serial numbers and similar item characteristics. With the standard divisions on the Departments and Categories (brand, type, class …) allows an easy and clear process of selling and tracking goods.



SmartPOS recognizes items using code, barcode, name or aliases (additional codes). Works with any number of items, departments, categories, operators.


Business program keeps track of changes in stock (for each size, color, material, serial number, and total). It also keeps track of non-cash transactions (cheques, credit cards).


Generates all necessary documents for the accounting. Automatically creates all the necessary business reports (about goods, finances, customers …).


SmartPOS as a retail software easily exchanges data with other business software systems (ERP, accounting software, etc..). It has also ability to integrate an unlimited number of computers in a single POS system.


SmartPOS users can receive support from our operators by e-mail, phone or Remote Desktop – depending on the degree of urgency.

Other functionality

SmartPOS is a retail software rich in features. It is improving work in retail by automation of all processes: reception of goods and calculation, tracking items, price leveling, working with suppliers and customers and much more. SmartPOS automatically creates business reports that give you a clear view of all parameters of your business. It also automatically creates all the necessary documents for the accounting.

More details about functionality:


SmartPOS is organized in two modules: POS Terminal and Back Office.

POS Terminal is a module that works as a cash register. It records turnover of the goods and money. It can be connected to a fiscal printer, barcode reader and credit card terminals. It features unclattered screen and high speed and ease of operation. Beginners can start working independently in the SmartPOS Terminal during one shift.

Back Office is a module in which are executed tasks related to ordering and receiving of goods, forming and leveling of prices, inventory records, payments, reporting, etc,. All the functionality of a SmartPOS in Back Office module are organized into four function groups: Data, Accounting, Reports and Utilities:


It contains all the basic data the SmartPOS works with. Through this submenu you will reach the forms for data entry and update of the codebooks necessary for the program functioning:

  • Items
  • Tax groups
  • Tax rates
  • Item notes
  • Departments
  • Categories
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Sellers
  • Sales Activities
  • Stores
  • Banks
  • Operators
  • POS Terminals
  • Display Messages
  • Receipt Formats
  • Means of payment
  • Units
  • Cards

The most active submenu. It is used to update the stock due to the receipt, return, recovery or write-off of the goods; to level prices; to record the turnover on the bank accounts etc. Also, this submenu is used to create all accounting documents and reports.


  • Receiving
  • Return
  • Internal Dispatch
  • Stock Fill
  • Purchase order
  • Stock Adjustment
  • List

  • Price Leveling
  • Discount Specification
  • Current Account
  • Cheque Specification
sales transactions

  • Sales
  • Returns
  • Proforma Invoices
  • Offers
  • Delivery Sheets
  • Deposits/ Payments
  • Payments on Account

  • Ledger
  • Book of receipts
  • Book of invoices
special operations

  • Recalculation
  • Average Daily Sales
  • Annual Overview
  • Update of Sales Statistics

This submenu contains various types of reports grouped by type. What is characteristic for all reports is a preferences window which allows filtering, sorting and selection of certain data.


  • Sales Review
  • Margin Review
  • Return Review
  • Stock Review
  • Ordering
  • Stock Flow
  • Daily sales
  • Stock Input/Output
  • Review of Not Selling Items
  • Stock on a Day
  • Serial Numbers
  • Items On Sale Review
  • Sales Statistics

sellers evidentions

  • Monthly Sales
  • Daily Sales
  • Sellers Evidention

  • Daily Report
  • Tax Report
  • Payables / Receivables
  • Payables / Receivables Customers
  • Issue Invoices
  • Outstanding Cheques


  • Overview of customers
  • Address Book


  • Turnover

Submenu with utility functions.

  • Database Backup
  • Database Restore
  • Database Helth Check
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Deleting Unused Items
  • Deleting Unused Departments / Categories
  • Calculator
  • Calendar

Each SmartPOS has its own database. Data synchronization with the headquarters is done via e-mail or custom messaging system. No permanent internet connection between headquarters and stores is required; it is enough to be online a few minutes a day. Message sending and receiving is automated and those actions SmartPOS executes without involvement of the operator.

Item tracking

Items in SmartPOS are recognized and tracked by the following attributes: code, barcode, name and aliases (additional codes). Each item can be categorized in departments and categories (eg. Adidas – Sneakers). An advantage of SmartPOS is that items can also be tracked by dimension. Each item can have up to a three dimension: eg. size, color and material, or other important criteria that you specify. This retail software can also track items by serial numbers (eg. technical items).


SmartPOS has a built-in support for all valid means of payment (cash, cheques, various cards, bank transfer) and automatically generate documents such as cheques specification. It is possible to create the invoice, proforma invoice and offer.

Additional software

We have also created some additional software tools, working together with SmartPOS to facilitate the work in retail. These are SmartCommunicator, a software that provide data from SmartPOS in real time, and SMS Loyalty, a tool for loyalty program – action sales and discounts.

Technical specifications

SmartPOS is a software solution for retail created in 2004. It has been constantly improved through our program of continuous improvement and maintenance of software. Here you will find basic information related to technology used to create this software. If you require additional information from this segment, please contact us.

Frequent questions

What are the hardware and software requirements for SmartPOS?

SmartPOS will run on PCs with a minimum P IV processor with 2GB of RAM. The operating system should be Windows 7 (Home Basic or better), Windows 8, Windows 10.

Which fiscal devices are supported?

So far, supported are:


  • Comtrade ONE
  • Comtrade ST200
  • Epson TM-T220A
  • Epson TM-T260F
  • Euro500T Handy
  • Galeb FP550
  • Galeb GP350
  • Galeb GP550
  • Geneko FP200
  • HCP Best
  • HCP Integra
  • HCP P2DS
  • INT Raster FP600
  • Iskra-S 32BMC

Republic of Srpska:

  • Citizen LT-283
  • ME Hybrid
  • Microelectronics ME P1000

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • ERP Star SP700R
  • Star Micronics SP700R


  • EPSON TM-81F
  • ITI FP2


  • Accent Synergy PF500
  • Accent Synergy PF550
How to calculate the number of required licenses?

The number of licenses depends on the number of installed POS (Terminal) modules. A license for each installed POS module is needed.
Back office module installations are not limited.

How to assign different rights  to employees on different positions in SmartPOS?

SmartPOS supports the allocation of rights at the operator level. Any operator may be granted full or limited access rights and data manipulation.

Is it possible to create all the legally required documentation in SmartPOS?

SmartPOS allows you to create all the necessary documentation for your business. You can print KEP / Merchant book, calculations, levelings, invoices etc. Beside the basic documentation, you have the possibility to create an inventory list, proforma invoices, quotations, return orders, cheque specifications, etc.

License options

SmartPOS permanent license (per toll point)
1-5 6-10 11-20 21-50 50+
499,00 474,00 449,00 399,00 Call us

Prices are in € excluding VAT.

SmartPOS maintenance and support (per month per license)
1-5 6-10 11-50 50+
25,00 23,75 22,50 20,00

Prices are in € excluding VAT.

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