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How fast will you inform large number of customers about the upcoming campaign? About sale or the arrival of the new collection? Taking into regard to the expenses …

Send an SMS message to the customer. But not just any message.
Impersonal bulk message sent to your customer can cause the opposite effect than desired, same as so-called “spam” email .
For example, most of your customers from Lyon will not react positively to the message about opening a new store – in Paris.

So if you want your message to have the right effect, it must meet certain requirements: it must be personal and must be customized just for the customer – to suits him, by gender, by age, geographically…

To provide you with such communication with the customer, we have created SmartSMS – advanced software for sending bulk SMS from your computer. It is very easy to operate, all it needs to operate is a directory with information about your customers.

SmartSMS key features are:

There are several hundreds of thousands SMS massages sent every month using our software for SMS massages. Communicate with your customers using SmartSMS.

Frequent questions

Which is the purpose of SmartSMS and which components it contains?

SmartSMS software solution is dedicated to mass mailing of SMS messages or e-mails. It consists of a client part, a program on your computer, which has its own database for storing your contacts and messages, and a SmartSMS cloud service that is responsible for forwarding your messages to mobile operators.

What is needed to send messages?

It is necessary to install the SmartSMS client program and have access to the Internet and an user account for the SmartSMS service (which is obtained from Logosoft).

How do I fill the contact book?

There are two ways to enter data:

  • Manually – a directory is created that can contain an arbitrary number of fields of different types (text, number, date, yes/no). Information is entered into directoru through the application form that is adapted to the directory
  • Automatically, contact information is imported from a file in Excel or CSV format by SmartSMS import wizard
Is there a way to backup contact data?

Data backup is possible in the following ways:

  • Archiving the database itself
  • Exporting the directory to Excel or CSV format
Is there a protection against unauthorized use of data?

Within the  SmartSMS client’s part there is a protection mechanism based on user rights both on directories and on applicable actions (creating, editing, deleting directories, sharing directories between multiple users, sending messages to contacts from the directory etc.).

How do I send messages from SmartSMS?

After selecting the directory and the corresponding contacts from the same, the user creates text for SMS or e-mail, which can be fixed or dynamic (if the data from the contact book are inserted), and starts the sending action. The user can temporarily stop sending at any time during the sending and continue later or cancel sending completely.

Subscription options

Package* SMS messages in the package PRICE
SmartSMS Premium 10.000 25.000,00
SmartSMS Standard 5.000 17.500,00
SmartSMS Basic 1.000 12.500,00

*The package includes a SmartSMS software license.

Prices are in RSD without VAT.


1.000 (min. recharge) 2.500,00
more than 100.000 Call us

Prices are in RSD without VAT.

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