Logosoft WMS

Warehouse Management Software

Logosoft WMS is a modern warehousing management software. Use of PDAs with barcode scanners automates and simplifies the process of receiving and picking goods.

Also, during picking, the operator is navigated to the location of the product by the optimal trajectory, more speeding up the process.

PDAs are connected to the WMS server by Wi-Fi (wireless connection), thus enabling the real time data updates.

Implementation of Logosoft WMS brings the following benefits:



It is possible to enter the item with a barcode or code. In the event of a missing barcode sticker on the goods, they can be printed out of the system.
When placing goods, it is not necessary to group the same items.
Serial numbers, lots and expiration dates are supported.


Stock is always up to date – real-time inventory is enabled.
One WMS system can work with several warehouses.
Packages are supported as sub-locations and as a way of grouping units. It is possible to combine packages and basic units  during work.


The system leads the operator to the location for pickup along the optimal route.

One or more operators can work together on an order. It is possible to allocate a collection order by number of units, by number of locations or without restrictions.

It is possible to set up a double check for receiving and issuing goods.


In addition to the usual warehouse reporting ( stock report by item /by location, movement of goods etc.), it is also possible to get reports on productivity of the operators.

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